I was reluctant to open this SG group actually.

I was reluctant to open this SG group actually.

Because i’m sure there is some out there, but not makers.

Hey hello! 👋 Please to meet you lah!

I'm Fajar Siddiq from Singapore, I just open this group to share some relevant discussions. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, founder, developers, designers, content creators, photographers, videographers, writers do share what you're building, or selling, etc!

The reason I set this up is to connect with other fellow Singaporeans or people who are living in SG. You can connect with me on Twitter @fajarsiddiqfs and I'm setting this up for discussions on IH and bought a domain lioncitymakers.com and build JAMstack with it.

Looking for people to connect!

  • building side projects
  • product making
  • feedback & reviews
  • virtual meetup/events/conf
  • remote recruiters
  • content creating
  • useful resources
  • delicious food (lol, sorry I love food k!)

My background experience came from a small business owner doing online bootstrapped since 2005 running a design agency doing web & designs https://fajarsiddiq.com/remoteok. For many years I’ve been finding the best ways to connect people online from myspace days to facebook and going for talks at some random university to meet other entrepreneurs or some random meet-up with drinks & networking event with other entrepreneurs, which I feel super akward most of the time talking to people about the excitement in their product, ideas & their experience. It just takes so much time to talk to 5-10 people at a meetup and I feel exhausted hearing & talking. I rather would just go home, work asynchronously with my laptop and wifi, travel to places I like to spend time exploring about culture, food & lifestyle.

At times I struggle with coding, design, business. I don’t know who to reach out to. In 2018 I was active on Twitter then I met other bootstrapped founders and I found so many awesome online communities, platforms, and like-minded people. I get to chat with around 50 people in a week in a community chat which saves my time & I get the best information of knowledge about debugging, product feedback, or even opportunities. Internet information is very fast, everyone makes progress so quickly these days from building products or making their first monthly recurring revenue online today.

I can't find maker communities in Singapore. Mostly just universities and facebook group. I find it hard to fit in with my way of doing things and especially indie-making culture. My dream is to help local maker communities in Singapore. I was reluctant to open this sg group, because I’m sure there is some out there, but not makers. I'm also worried if this gonna take my time too much, but overall what is needed to maintain is just moderation of chats, discussions & looking at the Twitter newsfeeds of other founders and maker's progress which i think is normal for me. Either I just ignore it, delete it, block it, remove it and other than that i try to contribute by adding value to the chat discussions.

People might think indie projects are just not a startup and are like side projects are learning for fun kind of thing. But I’ve seen so many successful side projects turn into a profitable business. I also started my journey doing side projects to become a small business owner.

There were other SG makers I saw on Twitter, like @yongfook @jasonleow @bctoh @imknight @jessdesigntan @tengkuhafidz @saliebe @jacksng. I follow their progress too. I’m so blessed to connect with some really helpful & thoughtful makers.

Created Lioncity Makers telegram group to benefit those who need support in the community. Hopefully, we all can help and guide each other to grow together & grow a successful profitable business. 😃

Take care! thanks for reading.
Back to shipping & making!