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Better Together.

Lion City Makers is the place to discover independent, talented, passionate Singaporeans & people who are living in Singapore who strive to build a profitable online business.

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Like-minded interest.

From students, business owners, startup founders, software developers, product designers, writers, podcasters to indie hackers. Let's grow a community of like-minded people who make the world a better place.

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Community Guidelines.

Don't harass or bully anyone. Don't shame anyone, or anything, for any reason. Don't promote anything that is hateful. We have zero tolerance when it comes to demeaning people for their race, religion, gender, or orientation, and/or ability. Don't pretend to be anyone else, whether it's a person, brand, or organization. Follow Singapore laws.

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Lion City Makers Community is currently free to join our official telegram group chat. This initiative was founded by Fajar Siddiq & who moderates the community to keep it as beneficial as possible.